Pour ne rien oublier/ Щоб нічого не забути

Pour ne rien oublier/ Щоб нічого не забути

'Pour ne rien oublier'/ 'Щоб нічого не забути' -

this series unites my work on photographs I took in eastern and southern Ukraine - in the towns the most drastically touched today by Russia's war against Ukraine. 

Impossible to explain what the aggressor has taken away from us when it wiped out our peaceful towns.

I am convinced that everybody who is separated from their home in Bakhmut, Soledar, and Kherson carry every inch of their native place inside them.  Even when the photographs are lost in the fire, our consciousness goes back to those memorable anchors.

These works are created in constant dialogue with the deepest memories of places, transformative hopes, life-changing meetings, and everything that constitutes the peaceful life we lost.




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