Hello on this path :)

Hello on this path :)

Hello! Thanks for taking interest in my work and my artistic journey.

My photographic work shown here is mainly a reflection of my therapeutic dialogue with nature as well as some visual notes of the landscapes in the age of the Anthropocene. Each photograph is produced in limited copies.

More than a decade in journalism and photography brought me to the point where any words seemed too many while still not being enough. Thus I stepped on this intuitive journey at the crossroads of memories captured on film and others drifting in my head and heart. Applying mixed techniques, mainly embroidery, on my photographs I am laying a new map in front of me each time and each time taking this journey further. Please, feel invited to join me on this path. I am amazed each time to realise how many of you can read those fragile maps of mine. 

I am open to discussions, collaborations and commissions. Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

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